Start now: the clock is ticking on your goals

Why are you waiting?

What is holding you back?

Today I was calculating the number of big goals I could have accomplished in my life but due to lack of commitment I didnt.

I started Ju-Jitsu at 14 ,did it on and off for two years and eventually stopped.

I started kickboxing at 16 ,did it on and off for two years and again stopped.

I am 35 and If I had gone regularly from that age ,I would have easily been a high level black belt by now.

The above two were due to laziness and lack of commitment.

I started Rugby at 17 and played for the first team but wasnt chosen for the squad. I decided to not go again out of fear of embarassment .

There are again countless examples of activities I started and didnt commit too that still bug me till today.

The main reasons for me centred around not feeling like I was good enough, being shy,laziness and lack of commitment.

Time is limited and precious.

I am no longer going to make excuses on not doing what I have to do.

What about you ?


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