Get moving:Dont let fear stop you

What are you waiting for?

What are YOU scared of?

Are you too fat, too thin ,not tall enough,not witty enough, too dumb, too poor and it goes on and on.

We talk ourselves out of doing alot of things due to so many worries and anxieties about silly things that ultimately stop you from achieving what you want to do.

I talk from personal experience, up-till a few days ago ,I would not go to the swimming pool.

I was worried that my physique did not live up to the expectations I had set on myself. I wasnt quite there you know.

Perhaps my waist could be more defined, shoulders a bit broader, oh wait lets just think perhaps i should just change everythig because I will never be 100 % happy ever with the way I look.

This caused me for the longest time to be extremely uncomfortable about going for a swim in public. To the point , I would find every excuse to get out of it.

This stopped me from enjoying myself in Jaccuzies, to pool parties, to outdoor swimming activities and enjoy myself in water with my wife and daughter.

The last reason was the one that gave me the reason to get a dose of courage and finally go to the swimming pool .

What was the PULL. The pull was my daughter.

I want to be a great role model for her and the last thing I want her to develop is lack of self confidence by role modelling me.

I also was really angry with myself that I was being so weak about my self image that it was spoiling my time with my family.

Oh poor little baby ,worried about not having defined abs- come on what kind of nonsense is this , if this stops me from swimming with my beautiful 2 year old .

I view myself as mentally tough but I have alot of holes in my armour that I am slowly working through.

This was one.

No way my friend was I being that scared little child anymore

I’m a grown man. , As a parent you just got to suck it up and move forwards.

And what happened- well lets start with what my “fear” brain thought would happen.

Dozens of people pointing their fingers laughing at me, me crawling up in the middle of the pool and wanting to drown.

Okay lets get to reality,

I got changed into my swim shorts,walked to the pool with my daughter and we had a great time in the pool.

There was plenty of people there and guess what NOBODY CARED.

Here is another thing that dawned on me that may or may not help you.

Depends on how you look at it.

At the end of the day, you are only important to you and people that are close to you.

Nobody else cares or even if they have an opinion about how you are they think about it for a MUCH smaller part of time than you think they do.

Even if they vocally express sonething to you-Who cares, why does their opinion matter to you.

Live your life as you see fit and do what makes you happy.

Time is not infinite.

Don’t waste it being afraid.


Thanks for stopping by,


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