Ten Bodyweight movements to keep you mobile, strong and pain free

man in sleeveless wet suit doing some aerobics at the beach


Even if you are an excercise fanatic , the majority of us still live unhealthy lives through sitting for prolonged periods of time at work,at home and sat hunched over looking at our mobile phones.

We then hit the gym and can again wreak havoc on our bodies by putting them through movement patterns that can further worsen the ” hunched over tight hips” epidemic that prevails the western world.

Modern ways of working out focus on improving strength, endurance and flexibility but all these modalities of training are usually kept separate.

I present in this article bodyweight movements that can help improve strength, endurance and flexibility at the same time to overcome modern-day life thus maximizing your time working out.

I provide you with ten movements to help keep you pain-free and mobile in the long run.

Video links to all embedded within the article.

  1. hindu pressups 
    • This variation of the push-up keeps your spine mobile and healthy.
    • The push-up itself targets your shoulders, arms and chest like a normal push-up would but the additional spinal health benefits are what makes me do these regularly
  2. back bend pressup
    • A great exercise again for spinal mobility, but also great for improving shoulder and wrist strength and mobility as well.
    • Also a great stretch for the hip flexors as you approach the top of the movement
    • Be careful with these, if you are tight in the areas mentioned above, you will struggle but it is definitely worth a try
  3. Cossack squats
    • This really keeps the hips, adductors and abductors of your leg mobile and healthy.
    • Again ,word of caution these can be rough if you are inflexible currently, gently ease into the movement
  4. Bear Crawl
    • The bear crawl is great at everything. Conditioning, muscular endurance, improving hip ,shoulders and wrist mobility.
    • Really everyone should be doing this movement
    • You can incorporate this into your normal workout by doing a short 20 m bear crawl in between your sets.
  5. bodyweight squat
    • This fundamental exercise should be a staple in your regimen
    • It improves endurance and strength of your legs.
    • It spikes your conditioning
    • It improves your hip, knee and ankle mobility over time with practice
  6. Bodyweight lunge
    • Another fundamental exercise but don’t let that make you think it’s not worth it.
    • It works all the muscles of your legs, hits the glutes very hard
    • It is a movement that is used often in everyday life to get up from the floor
    • It Stretches those tight hip flexors well( you know the ones that get abused from sitting all day)
  7. leg swings
    • Swing your legs, backwards and forwards side to side
    • Listen to those joints creak!
    • This will help keep your hips mobile and pain-free
    • An easy but great exercise to raise your heart rate
  8. Rolls
    • Why do we not roll as we did as children?
    • Forward rolls and backwards rolls keep you agile and healthy
    • You need to have good balance and flexibility to execute these well
    • Keep on rolling !
  9. crab walk
    • This improves your arm and shoulder strength
    • You improve your shoulder and wrist mobility as well
    • The advanced version where you shoot your hips all the way up and walk is very tough and requires superior shoulder and wrist mobility as well as glute and back strength!
  10. Donkey kicks
    • Great move to work those glutes and low back
    • Opens up the hips as well for additional flexibility


You could combine all these movements as a quick warm up prior to your weightlifting or crossfit routine to get you warm and ready.

Or you could do more work and keep it as a workout in itself.

Either way incorporating these movements is a winner.

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