SUPERCHARGE your morning with this brief workout

Ever wakeup in the morning feeling exhausted ?

What are the traditional things you do?

I bet it includes something like coffee and a breakfast .

The majority of the time, I bet you are still feeling sluggish.

Now, I am not saying these things aren’t necessary but have you considered a short, sharp workout of between 5-10 minutes to get you awake.

And I am not talking HIIT training or any of your other traditional cardiovasculr activities.

I give you a sample workout that you can try underneath.

It consists of a sequence of movements to get mind and body flexible,primed and ready for the day.

All excercises demonstrations are available via clicking on the excercise name .

  1. Jumping Jacks-50 times
  2. Stretch Up to the ceiling and far down as you can- 20 times
  3. Spinal Twists-10 each way
  4. Neck moves-50 moving neck side to side,50 neck backwards & forwards
  5. Arm circles– 25 arms moving forwards, 25 arms moving backwards
  6. Hip circles-25 in one direction,25 in another
  7. Bodyweight squats-20 times
  8. Bird Dogs– 10 per leg
  9. Pushups-20 times
  10. Leg swings– Start with your any leg- go forwards, then to the side- 50 total reps, then repeat on the other leg for a further 50 total reps
  11. Clamshells-10 per leg

Try this Morning energiser routine and let me know what you think in the comments

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