Double Trouble:10 kettlebell workouts to get you lean and mean

Double kettlebell training is a highly efficient way in helping you get stronger, leaner and fitter.

You probably have been using one kettlebell for all your workouts and these have been great.

Fancy a new challenge?

Try using two.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Increased core activation due to needing to stabilise two kettlebells
  • Increased strength and muscle hypertrophy as more load is lifted per unit time
  • Increased cardiovascular endurance as needing to use more muscle groups at once
  • Incresed mental focus – you need to really concentrate when doing these otherwise you will get injured!

So lets get started

Suggested starting weight per kettlebell

  • Women- 6-10 kg kettlebells
  • Men-12-20 kg
  • Lighten up the load to start with if you feel the beginning weights are too hard
  • Use correct form. Do not sacrifice form for speed
  • If you are currently suffering from low back pain ,I would avoid double kettlebells for now as they require a healthy strong core to perform.


Links to all excercises embedded in the article.


  1. Workout 1
  2. Workout 2
  3. Workout 3
  4. Workout 4
    1. double kettlebell swings
    2. 5 double kettlebell front squat
    3. double kettlebell press
    4. 10 pull-ups
    5. repeat 5 times
  5. Workout 5
  6. Workout 6
    • 5 double kettlebell snatches( go easy with weight-very complex movement)
    • 5 double front squat
    • 5 double standing press
    • 5 renegade rows
    • 15 pushups
    • repeat 5 times or put a 15 minute timer and complete as many rounds as possible
  7. Workout 7
  8. Workout 8( core specific)
  9. Workout 9( Really hard)
    • 10 double kettlebell snatches
    • 10 double clean and press
    • 10 double front squat
    • 10  double renegade rows
    • 10 kettlebell push-ups
  10. Workout 10
    • 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest
    • Do each excercise in sequence for 45 seconds.
    • At end of 4 minutes, rest for 90 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.
    • Double Kettlebell snatch
    • Double Kettlebell clean and press
    • Double Kettlebell Squat
    • Renegade row

So there you have it, ten double kettlebell workouts to  spark new gains.

When you try any of these , leave a comment on how they went.

Thanks for stopping by


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