7 days of kettlebell workouts to get you in shape

Kettlebells provide very time efficient whole body workouts

Here are seven days worth of kettlebell workouts that you can use to kick-start your fitness campaign.

Weight of kettlebells to use

Women (8-12 kg single exercises,12 for double)

Men(16-24 kg single exercises, 24 kg for all double hand excercise)

Excercises that are going to be used and video links to all are embedded within the article.

I have put these down as Monday-Sunday from a simplicity point of view but you can spread these out over the course of two or three weeks if you feel that is better with your current routine.



    • 10 one arm kettlebell swings
    • 10  one arm push press
    • 10 Kettlebell squat (bell to one side) left then right
    • As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes


    • Bear crawl 20 m
    • Kettlebell swing 20 times
    • Repeat 10 times


    • 100 Burpees
    • 100 Kettlebell swings
    • As quick as possible


    • 20 kettlebell swing
    • 20 kettlebell goblet squats
    • 10 clean and press left, 10 clean and press right
    • 10 kettlebell lunges( left then right)
    • Repeat 5 times


So there you have it, 7 days worth of kettlebell workouts, now if you are going to do the above , please make sure you are eating well and sleeping well.

This will beat you up.

If anything hurts ,stop and re-evaluate your movement patterns.

Stay safe

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