Motivation tip to workout: Do something new & what I would tell my younger self

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Struggling to find inspiration to workout: Do something new.

I started Brazilian jujitsu yesterday and I’m hooked.

Often , I struggle to find motivation to workout because I am not having fun or just doing the same old thing over and over again.

That’s why I decided to start Brazilian jujitsu. If you have ever watched mixed martial arts you may know what this is.

It is the pre-dominant training methodology when it comes to submitting your opponent on the ground.

There is so much to learn. Watching the top-level guys do it , it is like watching a game of chess but whilst physically exhausted.

There is one thing being able to concentrate when you are feeling physically fresh but it is a whole different ball-game when you are tired.

I have been physically active by entire life and dabbled in martial arts via kickboxing and judo as a youngster but due to work and life commitments this part of my life slipped for fifteen years.

So it was great trepidation that I went into the class.

I had feelings of anxiety and fear. Not from being physically hurt but from being a rookie again, a beginner.

That feeling you have when you’re the new guy again. Fear of looking stupid, being hurt, looking dumb.

When I was young , I probably had a body that was much more adept to do martial arts.

I was more nimble ,agile and faster on my feet.


I didn’t have the mental attributes that I have now

That of being calmer under pressure, being patient and less worried about what other people think.

I wish I could go back in a time machine and tell my younger self to be all the things above but unfortunately I think this is only acquired through TIME.

So what would I tell my younger self if I could go back in time or  what can I teach my daughter

  • Practice patience any skill takes time to learn , don’t get impatient and frustrated. Show up and keep learning


  • Be calm don’t get flustered, don’t try to use your physical strength as an advantage in martial arts because it won’t work when it meets someone just as strong and with better technique


  • Stop worrying about what other people think .Okay , you lost so what? Come back again. You looked stupid when you tried that move? So what? Keep going. Someone said you were rubbish- keep going ahead anyway.


  • Keep yourself mobile and agile. This for some annoying reason,I took for granted that I would always have but like any physical attribute needs to be worked on especially as you get into your 30’s and beyond.


  • Enjoy the process. Stop rushing everything. The best things come to those who wait, like the guiness adverts say.


As I have mentioned before, the best time to start anything new was probably ten years ago but the next best time is today.

So lets all keep motivating each other and stay positive people!

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