Lack of motivation: Tips to help you start and stay working out

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Physical exercise is important , we all know this but why is it so hard to start and keep going

Below are ten reasons what helped me get started and motivated to continue

1. Book a grand goal

This is contrary to what I am going to tell you later but this is very important.

Make a big goal for the future. Never run before ,doesn’t matter . Make a plan for a 10 k in 4 months, half marathon in 6 and full in one year.

Apply to this to any other activity you want to do.

This will give you fear and more importantly excitement . It needs to be a stretch, something you possibly couldn’t accomplish in your current physical condition.

Human beings need to be pushed. Push yourself.

Just imagine you doing the goal you set out to do. Imagine that feeling of accomplishment.

Go after it.

2. Make small measurable goals to get you on the way

If you have never run before , going out and running a full marathon is probably un-realistic unless you’re an absolute genetic freak.

Small goals.

First do the couch to 5 k program accomplish that.

Then run a 10 k.

Then run a 20 k

Then a 30 k .All the way up-to a full marathon.

On the way make smaller goals do slightly further a km here, a minute faster there. It adds up over time.

Progress maybe slow for some, maybe fast for others. It doesn’t matter. This is your ” journey” and your life.

3. Embrace the good and bad times

At times you will feel great, at times despite whatever you do ,you feel terrible. Embrace the suck and realise this is all part of the process.

I have learned to embrace the bad times as well as the good. The bad times make you grow and when you evaluate why it was bad you can make decisions that ultimately make you better in the future.

4. Just turn up

Consistency is the cornerstone of any exercise regimen. Turning up is the first part to that process. Just turn up , then start warming up and before you know it that workout is done.

Kudos to you. You have done more than most people would be willing to do.

5. Stop making excuses

We are all busy in this crazy world of ours. We blame our jobs, our children, our parents, our financial state, the weather , trump etc…

Ultimately it is just you. You alone make the decision to make your health a priority or not.

There are plenty of workouts that are time efficient that require minimal or no equipment and can be done in a tiny space.


6. Stop worrying about what other people think

Stop it.

They are not you.

They do not know you.

If you look stupid doing something or someone disagrees with how you are training politely ignore them.

If you feel they are giving you good advice listen but ultimately YOU BE YOU.

7.Be social with it or not….

This you need to figure out for yourself. Do you get motivated by others , do you enjoy the social aspect of training.

Then do it get in groups form friendships and socialize.

I personally don’t like social groups if it is for strength or conditioning workouts.

However if it is for learning a new skill like ju-jitsu ,I like the social setting.

8. Tell people your goals

Yes, tell people your goals. Tell them what you are going to do.

This creates accountability. You don’t want to be that person that is all talk and no action.

You want to be that person who tells you what they are going to do and does it.

9 Reprogram your mind

This took me about ten days of trying but it works!

I stole this concept from the self-help guru tony Robbins but the affirmations are my own.

He used to run and say things like I am unstoppable , I am all-powerful things like that.

SO…While I was working out I said


After ten days of doing this , I felt like i was superman!

You can change it to whatever holds true for you, just make sure you keep doing it.

Keep doing it otherwise it stops working!

10. Why are you not doing it?

I talked to myself( No ,not quite mad yet)

But I would ask myself why am I not where I am right now.

Here were what my reasons were

  • Getting too old( I am only 35 but for some reason I felt that past the age of 25 if you hadn’t started training martial arts then there wasnt any point . UTTER NONSENSE


  • Too big I thought I was too heavy to run ,this is so stupid almost anyone can run , the speed may differ depending on your current weight and health but it can be done. After 3 weeks I was running 10 km fairly easily.


  • No time -I had just become a Dad, was working nights, weekends and long days as a doctor. This was bullshit I had time to train it wasn’t at a competitive athlete level or for very long but I HAD TIME. I was LYING TO MYSELF till then.

I was training for other people I was trying to train to be healthy for my daughter, look good for wife etc.


So I hope this post helps you to get motivated to take your health seriously and get off the couch.

remember it is better to try AND fail than not to try at all


the best time to start something was ten years ago, the next best time is now.



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