Ten minute workout routines

man lying on rubber mat near barbell inside the gym


You’re short on time and just need to get a quick workout in. I present you with ten, ten minute or less workout routines to get a quick workout in.

  1.  Burpee mayhem
  2. Every minute on the minute bodyweight medley
    • For every minute that passes you start a new bodyweight exercise and get fifteen reps of each, then rest the remainder of the minute
    • First minute do 15 bodyweight squats
    • Second minute do 15 push-ups
    • Third minute do 15 leg raises
    • Fourth minute do 15 lunges( each leg counts as one rep)
    • Fifth minute do burpees
    • Sixth minute start with bodyweight squats again and continue till minute ten with all the same exercises in the same order
  3. Kettlebell carnage complex
    • You will be doing 5 kettlebell exercises. Repeat as many times as possible in ten minutes
    • First exercise is the kettlebell two-handed swing
    • Second is the kettlebell goblet squat
    • Third is the kettlebell deadlift
    • Fourth is the kettlebell lunge( both legs count for 1 rep)
    • Fifth is the kettlebell snatch( both arms count for 1 rep)
  4. Grapplers circuit
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • 10 Dips
    • 15 Bodyweight squats
    • 20 Push-ups
    • Complete as many rounds of this in ten minutes
  5. 1 mile timed run
    • Warm-up for a few minutes
    • Then run one mile as quick as you can
    • This usually equates to between 6-10 minutes for the majority of people who are into fitness
  6. Sandbag shouldering
    • Grab a sandbag that you can get from a shop more info hereOutdoor workouts tips: Why everyone should try it !
    • Stand over the sandbag ,clean it from the floor and place it on your left shoulder, place it back on the ground, clean it again to your right.
    • Repeat this brutal process for ten minutes.
    • You can add into the difficulty of this by adding a burpee prior to the sandbag shouldering
  7. Bear crawls
    • Get on all fours and crawl like a bear here’s a linkbear crawls
    • Go forwards, backwards and side to side
    • Keep going for ten minutes
    • If you can do it for the full ten minutes without resting you’re a beast!
  8. Shuttles
    • Place two cones or any other objects about 10 m, 25 and 50 m apart.
    • Start the shuttle between 10 m first and go in order till 50 m
    • Then re-start the shuttle process from 10-50
    • See how many full shuttles you can get( A full shuttle is 10,25 and 50 m)
  9. Farmers walk
    • Grab a set of dumbbells
    • Go for a walk for ten minutes
    • Each dumbbell should way around 25% of your bodyweight. This weight should not be taxing for short distances but for long periods of time should be plenty
    • Don’t blame me for the upper back and grip soreness (and ultimately gains) you will get from these!
  10. Punchbag workout
    • A few ways you can do this.
    • You could either circle the bag and do 3 ,2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between or
    • One continuous ten minute round
    • 5 ,1 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between
    • The shorter the round the more intense you need to be with the punches.


So there you have ten ,ten minute or less workouts that can be done on the days you are rushed.

Now just because they are short does not mean these are easy.

How much you get from these brief intense workouts is all about what you put into them.

So no excuses get it done.

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