Burpees: The ultimate conditioning workout

Burpees the ultimate conditioning tool

What is a burpee- this video should show you the way to perform this amazing exercise how to perform a burpee.

So why is it so amazing ?

You can do it anywhere. It can be performed at home, in a park or at the gym .

You don’t need much space to perform it.

You can combine it with endless other exercises for a gruelling workout.

You can decrease the difficulty by taking out the push-up component or by taking out the jumping component or taking out both.

It is a great combination of agility, conditioning, muscular endurance and explosive power all combined in one amazing exercise.

Do a set of ten of these and you will be huffing and puffing away .

You can do them in endless ways.

Here are my top ten ways to perform burpees

  • Burpees straight– Shoot for a set of 100. Write down your time. Try to improve next time. A good standard to aim for is under ten minutes with good form.


  • Burpee tabatas- Do 20 seconds of burpees ,followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do it 8 times. Repeat 3 times. Feel free to pass out straight after!


  • Burpee ladders- Do a burpee ladder of 1-10-1. Start with 1 burpee,walk across your living room, do 2 burpees, walk across your room do 3 burpees- go all the way up-to 10 and then back down the ladder.


  • Burpees and sprints- A real killer- Do a set of 10 burpees and run 50 m, walk back 50 m and repeat the process ten times. Your lungs will be screaming!


  • Burpees with dumbells- Do Burpees and grab a set of dumbells on your way up. Do the jump portion with light dumbells- this will make you exhausted.


  • Burpees with sandbag- Do a burpee, no need for the jump ,instead grab a sandbag from the floor and shoulder it to your left shoulder. Drop it down, perform another burpee and shoulder it your right shoulder. This is great exercise for mixed martial arts fanatics.


  • Burpees with explosive push-up- A real punisher on your chest and triceps. Do a standard burpee but in the push up portion do a clapping push-up


  • Burpees with kettlebells- I like to do these with a kettlebell swing as it flows best with this exercise for me.  Once you jump up from the burpee- do a kettlebell swing safely. These build excellent explosive power in your hips and legs.


  • Burpees with lateral jumps- Do a burpee and instead of a jump up , do a jump over a small box laterally. This builds amazing agility.


  • Burpees with one leg- Very hard- Do a standard burpee but for the jump portion ,do it with one leg. Very neurologically demanding.


  • Burpees with pull-up- Do a burpee underneath a stable pull-up bar. Jump up, grab the bar and do a pull-up. This is truly an ultimate whole body exercise.


So there you have eleven( okay the number increased as I started to write the post!) burpee ways to in-corporate this amazing excercise into your life.

If you are starting out with them go easy.  Ways in which people cheat the movement is by letting their lower back sag. This over numerous repetitions can cause lower back strain. Keep your core tight.

If you have lower back pain to begin with, I would recommend not doing the push-up part of this movement and  spreading your legs wider .

As with anything, if it feels like it is causing you too much pain, stop it.

Remember quality over quantity

As always, thanks for stopping by and if you have any queries feel free to ask,













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