Working out: Beyond the physical

Usually people associate working out with physical changes in the body, whilst neglecting the important mental aspects that occurs as well.

So how does working out develop a mind of steel and how can it enrich other areas of your life.

I will go onto explain my experience with physical excercise and how it has helped me in life.

Lets explore the ten ways I feel it has helped me and I know that it can help you.


  • In the first few weeks of training with weights you see amazing results in your body and strength levels. Then as time goes on these beginner gains slow down. How do you keep progressing?
  • Well it takes dedication, finding more advanced models of training and learning on how your body adapts to different training stimuli.  The abililty to keep going even when you don’t see quick results.


     2. HABIT

  • This process of developing this lifelong habit of physical excercise teaches you the important life lesson of habit building. It takes a while to develop this habit of training but after it is engrained in your psyche, it becomes another part of your life like eating or brushing your teeth.
  • Suddenly other habits you need to build in order to become succesful easier because you have done it before.



  •  You need to create time during your day in order to workout. This process includes planning your workout, getting your day organised in order to get to your workout and execute your workout.
  • Doesnt seem like a big deal but this is a great lesson in time management.



  • If you are like me and train alone, you need some planning . If you don’t and wing the sessions they maybe okay but there’s more miss than hit in terms of having a good session.
  • This planning ability helped me in my workplace to plan out my day, which patients to prioritise first , which emergencies to tend to faster etc.



  • Yes physical training develops this in spades. You can get knowledge of your strengths and weakness. What are you good at? What are you bad at? And from there you can build and create momentum moving forwards.


  • Sometimes however strong or physically fit you are, there’ll always be that one kid that has never set a day in the gym who outshines you in 1/10 of the time it took you to get there.
  • Yes you are not special, there are over 7 billion people on this planet



  • Contrary to what the media or society has portrayed to you and I refer to strength training here, brutally strong people are usually also intelligent.( FYI- I am not one of these brutally strong people)
  • There is a certain level of insight and analytical knowledge and skill that goes into setting up a training programme catered to your individual needs .


  • Any type of physical training  occasionaly pushes you past your percieved limits.
  • Your muscles will ache, your lungs will be screaming but you go on. People who don’t exercise will not understand this feeling , but i have found pushing past this barrier automatically makes you much tougher in the work place ,social situations and in day-to-day life just to get stuff done and weather the storm.



  • Physical training creates a balance in life , it provides an achor to your daily routine,a way in which you can cimprove your general health and well-being.
  • This transmutates into your everyday life at work or in other general taks.



  • Yes, excercise forces you to become creative.
  • If you are anything like me you cannot do the same thing for too long
  • I have created very interesting training routines and it opens up your mind in everydaylife to be more creative as well.


So these are the ten ways excercise has helped me beyond the physical.

I would be interested in hearing how excercise has helped you too.

Thanks for stopping by,




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