Daddy/Daughter workout with tips on how to prepare

The photo above is my 2 year old inching her way up the hill.

Hiking is a great way to get your dose of cardio.

Even better is when you get your family involved.

So today was Daddy Daughter hiking day!

Everything is in the preparation.

So this is what I took

  • 2 apples
  • 2 lunch boxes with lunch(for her and me)
  • 1 bottle of milk
  • 1 box of nappy wipes
  • 1 changing mat
  • 3 spare nappies/Dipers
  • 2 sets of spare clothes for the tyke
  • 3 bottles of water
  • 1 screaming child!(in the background)

Then I took this

  • Trusted baby hike rucksack to carry her when she gets tired.

Okay so were ready to go.

Its 45 minutes to the beautiful dovestone reservoir in saddleworth.

Great place for hiking.

It takes us 45 minutes to get in the car.

Why – Daddy didn’t take dolly or monkey.

Or when he did get these he had forgotten something else.

I couldn’t decipher what she meant.

After 20 minutes of searching she finally found what she was looking for.

It was kitty.

Okay now were ready yeah!

Oh wait for some reason she doesn’t want to sit in the car seat and she throws a huge tantrum.

After a further ten minutes of pacification we are off!

The drive is smooth.

Thank God!

Okay so we get there and she decides being in the baby hike rucksack is for babies she tells me this by pointing at the rucksack and shouting “baby”.

She then points at herself and says big girl.

Apparently this is something her dunce of a father should have figured out already!

Okay shes walking and I have nothing to hold her with when she invariably gets tired.

So we start walking. Its 1.5 miles to the top.

Humm ! Bit ambitious for an almost 2 year old

Who knows?

Lets do it.

We SLOWLY make it up the hill.

She stops to pick up flowers, stops for me to re-arrange dolly and monkey in my carry bag, stops to pick stones.

She then throws said stones at me!

Who taught her this???

Oh wait- I was throwing stones in the lake to try and bounce them on the surface.

Damn my parenting!

She decides walking up-hill is dumb and walks downhill.

After 1 hour we had gone 1/4 mile.

Then it happened- “Daddy carry”.

We then walk the rest of the 15 degree incline hill with her in my arms.

Thank goodness for all the loaded carries been talking about previously.

They really helped.

Finally we get to the top

Bit cloudy and windy but nice view.

We get some lunch and rest.

Then back down.

She falls asleep in my arms as soon as we start and wakes up at the bottom.

How convenient!

It was a great day! Just the chaos that I signed up for when I became a Dad.

And she was beaming side to side.

So here are my tips on hiking with a toddler

1. Pick a smaller hill!

2. Take something to carry your little one( but they will always prefer you doing the manual labour instead)

3. Do You can carry your children for long period of time up big hills if you do them.

4. Take plenty of food and fluid

5.Take a few toys( I always forget this when wifey is not around)

6. Enjoy the journey-I used to just be all about getting to the top as fast as possible. Kids make you enjoy your beautiful surroundings more.

7. Add on an hour to your car journey( for the reasons above)

8. Add on 1.5 hours to your normal hike time as kids are kids!

Despite my moaning purely for comedic purposes, I greatly enjoyed this day.

I know what a blessing times like these are.

I hope you found this post amusing and have got some ideas for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and please have a look at my old informational posts.



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