Working out on a budget or if you just hate gyms

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Scary angry man doing a very easy exercise .

Were you not loved ,scary man? 

Or has the poisonous pre-workout kicked in .

Or are you constipated?

These are all important life changing questions but lets move on…

There are occasions where you find that you don’t have enough money to get to the gym. And hey who want’s to if this gentleman is what you encounter when you go there?

What do you do?

There are plenty of great options to get going.

  1. Bodyweight exercises 
    • Amazing way to get started- Burpees, lunges, squats,push-up, pull-ups are all great options.
    • These can be done anywhere, anytime for free !
    • All these can be scaled up or scaled down for difficulty
    • Can do indoors ,outdoors, wherever you need to do it.
  2. Walking
    • Yes walking- a great way to keep fit- just move a bit faster than your normal stroll, for more on walking and its benefits-Walking: The health benefits and why everyone should be doing it
    • Add weight- Got a backpack -well add some extra weight(clothes, boots, bottles of water )and go for a walk
    • Hike up a hill
    • In-corporate bodyweight exercises into your walk
  3. Running
    • Pick a distance and run- i.e. 3 miles ,5 miles or more
    • Do a timed run- do 1 mile as fast as you can
    • Do intervals- Run 400 m, rest 400 m, run 400 m . Do 5 times. Go as fast as you can
    • Do unorganised intervals- I like to pick landmarks ,run fast between them, rest, then pick another landmark and run to it again
    • Run, stop ,do some pushups or squats and run again. This unorganised training keeps the mind fresh and is harder than just running continuously.
  4. Loaded carries
    • Ive talked about these before Outdoor workouts tips: Why everyone should try it !
    • Go to your local home depot or wherever you can get a bag of sand- these can come from between 10 kg to 25 kg+. And go for a walk. They aren’t very expensive and are extremely versatile.
    • You can walk with these on your shoulders or bear hug them for long distances
    • You can do lunges, squats, push-ups with them-all good fun.
    • Don’t worry what people think when they see you doing this-sure you’ll look a little weird but weird people are cool!
  5. Shadowboxing
    • Pick your favourite rocky montage and go for it
    • Un-cordinated ,doesn’t matter ,so am I- works out better for your cardiovascular system
    • See the better you are at something it means your energy efficient, the worse you are the more energy you expend
    • Do 5 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute rest in-between- tell me how you feel after.
  6. Wheelbarrow workouts
    • What???
    • Yes, the all mighty wheelbarrow- load it up with mud, gravel or rocks
    • Get moving- feels great muscles you didn’t know existed in your forearms and back start screaming
    • Fun


So ,there you have it a few ways to workout without much financial expenditure.

Or you can replace one of your gym sessions with one of the above.

Sometimes I just have enough of all the grunting and all the bros mirror checking their “guns” and do one of the above instead.

Whatever you do , enjoy yourself .Life is short.





    • No problem
      Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
      Being in a similar field in medicine ,I feel there is alot we can learn from each other.
      Gyms are great but if used effectively. However as I am time limited with a family-I decided to set up my own home gym. May blog about setting one up at some point.
      Take care

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. Medicine is a time consuming field, and I agree that I’d rather spend time with my family and working out at home with them. I’d like to see a blog about setting up a gym at home. Right now my equipment consists of an exercise mat, and jump rope. Have a great weekend. 😊


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