Don’t be afraid to look silly: Workout advice

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Don’t be afraid to look silly

Are you afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Are you afraid to progress further with what YOU want to do because of what other people think or say.

This article is about working out but it can be applied to all walks of life.

Today I was out with # SANDBAG. My 25 kg old friend. Good old sandbag , I’ve been with you far and wide.

Gone for long walks, pressed you, thrown you, lunged and squatted with you.

I was doing a walk along the side of the road . I decided to go for 2 miles .

I felt great for the first mile. I had a few strange looks.

Yeah, I guess its strange . A 200 pound Indian guy with a sandbag huffing and puffing does look strange.

Into my second mile ,I wasn’t feeling great.

I don’t know what it is about feeling tired but suddenly everything feels worse emotionally.

It was around here , that someone shouted ” get off the street you bellend”.

Bellend is a derogatory statement in england.

It means something that I would rather not share.

I initially felt like shouting back my own expletive statement but I decided not too.

Why? Because I knew even though I looked like an idiot , my health was more important to me.

Shouting back usually puts me in a negative angry place.

Being angry whilst tired usually  drains me physically

I know for a fact that loaded carries are AMAZING.

They are a perfect blend of strength and endurance that makes every other physical task seem like a peace of cake.

Over long distances , they build physical strength but more importantly they build MENTAL strength.

So I got to admit, I felt angry but I realised soon that being healthy was more important than looking stupid.

Loaded carries may not vibe with you.  But Im sure you can relate to the morale of this story.

If something looks stupid, but is improving your health and not hurting anyone or the enviroment -then get out of your comfort zone and press ahead.

JUST DO IT! ( As Shia leBeouf says)






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