Short on time to workout : Do this

Currently I am in a quieter place in my life. I have more time to work out.

I am taking a career break for two months before I start work as a consultant doctor.

My training as a junior doctor is over.

It has taken fifteen years since I first set first set foot in my anatomy classes at medical school till the point I am at now.

Along the way , I finished my medical degree, I worked long hours, got my postgraduate exams done, did a fellowship, got married and had a child.

So I think I am in a position to say there has been times when finding time to workout has been hard.

But I’m proud to say I still got it done.

How Well here are my tips .


You havent got time to waste.

You have an hour before work .

The trick is to find workouts you can do without the use of equipment or with minimal equipment can be done anywhere.


Find bang for your buck exercise

  • Burpees- These will destroy you

Get 100 done. If you’re fit you can do it in 7-10 minutes. But even if you aren’t most are done in 20.

  • Tabata intervals- Put a timer for 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest. Do 8 intervals. Thats 4 minutes work.

I do squats/burpees/pushups/situps and I alternate each exercise.

I do 4 sets

So 16 minutes total work.

  • 1 mile run.

Warm up for 5 minutes and then try to run 1 mile as fast as you can. Absolutely brutal. You will be done in quick.

  • Hill/Stair sprints Warm up for 5 minutes with a light jog. Then do 10-20 hill sprints. Go at 60% max speed first and gradually increase speed each one.
  • Sandbag carry for 0.5-1 mile. Load up 50-75% of your bodyweight and walk . Doesnt take long but very functional.

2. In-corporate working out into your everyday life

  •  Walk/Run/Cycle to work.

Drop the car if you can and do it.

Cant? Find a stop further away from work. Park and walk.

Got stairs at work. Use them and at lunch breaks , instead of jabbering, get hiking up those stairs.

Do your weekly shopping and carry it home.

Need to tend to the garden dont amble around. Get the weeding,mowing or cutting done in half the time. Thats a workout.

House work- same principle.Hustle. wiping ,dusting,hoovering can all be done at a faster pace .

You will be done quicker (bonus!) And you’ll be out of breath.

3. At the gym ?

Shut up. Seriously shut up.

Your short on time. Get moving.

Reduce your rest intervals. Stop chatting. Zone in , get the work done and get out.

4. Remember your why

When your short on time remember your why.

Why are you doing this. To look good?

To run after your kids?

To reduce your risks of heart disease or strokes?

Whatever it is remember your why.

Why will get you far.

5. Got small children?

Run, chase,carry .

Do all these things with them and do it continuously and at a fast pace.

You won’t need to do anything extra.


So there you have it 5 tips to get you started

There is always time to carve out at-least 10 minutes a day to do a workout.

If it’s important you will get it done.



  1. Phil – thanks for sharing. I love tabata style workouts. Working out doesn’t have to take hours and hours. Doing smarter, HIIT and tabata style workouts, was key for me in getting into shape.

    Congrats on getting through all of your med schooling and all the work you put in for your career!


    • Thanks for all your positive words. It means alot. Yes tabata is great. I use them often and love them. I tend to use burpees,squats and pressups with them. I find the excercise bike which was it was originally designed on in the stusy protocol(i think) a bit hard to do with 20/10.
      I do 30/15 with those

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