Outdoor workouts tips: Why everyone should try it !

Outdoor workouts are great

There’s nothing better than being outside and being at one with mother earth.

Here are some ways you can do some exercise in the great outdoors with all the equipment you need found for free in nature.

Being outside enables you to build odd strength, the kind that is difficult to get at the gym.

You also develop more strength-endurance and a grittiness that comes from being uncomfortable.

See, at the gym everything is cushy-weights are balanced evenly, handles are easy to grip onto, equipment is designed to keep you in your comfort zone.

Well, not outside .Everything is mostly uneven and awkward to hold onto.

Usually your grip is taxed due to the uneven or large diameter of what you’re holding onto.

It maybe sunny or it maybe raining, what you grab onto may have bugs on the otherside.

You have to make sure the trees you climb are sturdy and strong.

You have to be mentally sharp on the outside.

All good fun!

That being said here are some ideas to get you started.

Loaded carries

Grab a rock, log or sandbag and get walking. Sure this can be done indoors but over long distances outside is the best.Carries can be done holding the weights in your arms, on your shoulders, to one side or the other.

Heres a link that I find very helpful ..https://www.t-nation.com/training/secret-of-loaded-carries

Workout idea

  • Try 1 mile with a sandbag that is between 25-50% of your bodyweight.


You can run on the flat,uphill,downhill or even side to side. Heck-sometimes I run backwards to test my coordination!

Workout idea

  • Run for a total distance of 3 miles. Break up every 400 m with a backwards run of 100 m or the other variations mentioned above.


Becoming an adult doesn’t fix you into running in a straight line, learn to do front rolls and back rolls again. Do some cartwheels. Your kids will think your fun and you will start regaining your long-lost agility.

Workout idea

  • Front roll ten times. Followed by 20 m bear crawl(more about these here-(Workout tips with a toddler ),followed by backwards rolls ten times. Repeat ten times.


Find a tree and climb it. Being an adult shouldn’t stop you! You can also take a towel(one that’s used) and wrap it around a branch and do pull-ups. An absolute killer on the grip.

Workout idea

  • Climb a tree! That’s it!


Picking and throwing heavy stones/sandbags is a workout in itself! Try 10-15 of these with a stone that you find heavy and see how tired you get. Use good form! Lift with your legs!

Be careful for the rocks, when fatigue sets in these could cause some bodily injury!

If you want an idea on how to make a sandbag that wont tear watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIIuvdW6IXE

Workout idea

  • 100 sandbag clean( lift from floor to shoulders) and throw do this for time and experience muscle soreness like never before.


Jumping is great cardio workout in itself. Go multi-directional- forwards,backwards,side to side. Vary it each time.


  • 100 jumps -25 forwards,25 to the left,25 to the right and 25 backwards. Let me know how you feel after.

So instead of locking yourself into the fluorescent lights of your local gym,how about get yourself outside and get a workout in.

Heres a fun workout you can try combining all the elements above.

Sample workout( strong old towel needed)

Run for 1 mile.

Find a tree climb it.

Find a low branch put your towel around it do 5 sets of pull-ups.

Find a heavy rock carry it 100 m.

Drop . Rest for 2 minutes

Carry another 100 m.

Run the rest of the way back home.

Get into your garden do 10 front rolls, 10 back ,10 cartwheels.

Lay on the grass and rest! You deserve it.

I would be very interested to hear any of your outdoor workout ideas in the comments sections .


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