Tips for working out on holiday

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Youre on holiday. It’s been a great day. It’s warm and sunny and you’ve been taking it easy with sun,sea ,sand and alcohol.

The foods been great. Perhaps you’ve had a few too many and you feel the need to get a workout in.

Perhaps the hotel your in, doesn’t have a gym or it does but it doesn’t take your fancy What can you do?

Well it  turns out , there’s plenty of ways to get a workout in.

On the beach-

  • Run in the sand. Have you ever tried this? It’s hard. But a great way to get a quick run in , try it barefoot so the ” grounding” enthusiast in you would be proud.
  • Sand sprints – wickedly hard. Pick a distance and shuttle between the two points you’ve set in your mind.
  • Got some heavy rocks nearby. Well if you do-pick them up , walk, throw,press,squat ,lunge .
  • Beach yoga-gotsta admit I’ve never tried this but I’ve seen some guys and gals do this on the beach and love it.
  • Pushups
  • Bear crawls- get on all fours and go!
  • Swimming( extra points if you fight a shark)!


In your room( if it’s raining outside)

  • Burpees-urgh , the mere thought makes me sick. But the feeling after a set of these -priceless. Shoot for a 100 in as fast as you can- (my personal record is around 7 minutes )
  • Pushups
  • Handstand push-ups- ( if you can do them) kick your feet up ,touch your head to the floor and press!
  • Jumping Jacks- Fancy a easy breather between those hard burpees- crank out a set of these
  • Dips-Get two chairs and get to work!
  • Pullups- Grab a towel, Jam it on top of the door and get to work( Disclaimer- make sure it’s a sturdy door!)
  • Lunges- lunge the length of your room and back
  • Bodyweight squats-Crank out a set of 100 of these and your lunges will be screaming


Perhaps your hotel has a decent gym – well then get to doing your normal workout or try something new.

Heres my go to sample workout for when I’m hankering to get a workout in my hotel room

1) 100 burpees

2) 100 body weight squats

3) 100 pushups

4) Bear crawls(10 lengths of the room)

I do this either in order as mentioned above or 10 of each to break up the monotony.

Either way if you have your own body weight you’re pretty much good to go when you’re on holiday.

So what’s your favourite way to workout on holiday?

Let me know.








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